Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Quote about questioning...

I thought this quote was appropriate to these latest posts. I just received Brian McLaren's new book in the mail yesterday. While I probably won't be able to dive in to the book until some of my class reading is done, I did come across this quote at the beginning of the book. It's Brian quoting someone else:

Never accept and be content with unanalyzed assumptions, assumptions about the work, about the people, about the church or Christianity. Never be afraid to ask questions about the work we have inherited or the work we are doing. There is no question that should not be asked or that is outlawed. The day we are completely satisfied with what we have been doing; the day we have found the perfect, unchangeable system of work, the perfect answer, never in need of being corrected again, on that day we will know that we are wrong, that we have made the greatest mistake of all. - Vincent J. Donovan

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