Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blogging, Trends, Blah Blah


This guy's posting was very timely for me to read. As you can obviously tell, I haven't blogged anything in forever, and those of you who know me on Facebook know that I haven't been there in awhile either. While I don't agree with everything the blogger said, the heart of what he is saying has given a small voice to some of the stuff that has been swirling in me lately about blogging, Facebook, and trends in general. I was actually going to blog about it, but then thought...why? what is the point? I will say this: He makes a great point about voices, and about how this media is starting to propogate the same power structures that exist in culture...stamping out the voice of the margins. I ask...what happen to discernment? What happened to thinking through an issue instead of believing in the latest trend because it's cool? Do people really care about what I (or others) are doing 24X7? And if they do...why?? Anyway, before this turns into a posting about trends, I'll stop. Not sure whether I'll blog anymore. Maybe...maybe not.